2015 Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge Winners

Congratulation to the 2015 Conrad Challenge Winners!

Aerospace and Aviation

Pete Conrad Scholars: SpaceStandard - SpiralSolution, Korean Youth Society for Aerospace (Korea)
Power Pitch Winner: PeriPump - PeriPump, North Carolina School of Science and Math

Cybertechnology and Security

Pete Conrad Scholars: Suri Labs - kTrace Portfolio, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Power Pitch Winner: PrevTech - Cyber Tech, Milken Community High School

Energy and Environment

Pete Conrad Scholars: Frack Boys - AquaVerum, North Carolina School of Science and Math
Power Pitch Winner: SSEFE - Students Striving for Eco-Friendly Engineering, Proctor High School

Health and Nutrition

Pete Conrad Scholars: FireArmor - FireArmor, Thomas Jefferson High School & Columbus High School
Power Pitch Winner: Nutra-Tree  -  Nutra-Tree, Gulliver Preparatory School

Giant Leap to Mars

Pete Conrad Scholars: Albatross - Asteroid Capture System, Delhi Public School
Power Pitch Winner: Effervesce - Effervesce Bioreactor, Wheeler Center for Advanced Studies